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Thank you for visiting Dad with the Yellow Hat.

I'm guessing that you have already figured out that this page is satire based on the popular and beloved children's character Curious George. The idea for this project came from a question posted to a dad bloggers group on Facebook.

"What the heck does Curious George's caretaker do for a living that requires him to wear that heinous gear?"

I had just read the original Curious George to my daughter and had been pretty stunned at the things I had taken for granted as a kid. The nameless Man with the Yellow Hat kidnaps George, loses him overboard, and then goes home and gives him a pipe. Totally cute right? A child-like monkey smoking a pipe? Yeah, that's cool. That's exactly what I want to drill into my kids.

But it doesn't stop there. The Man with the Yellow Hat goes on, in book after book, to be the most neglectful parent/keeper ever. Every story starts with him leaving George alone and saying, "Be good." And right, that's basically what parenting was like until about 1989. But now it seems like the Montgomery County, MD CPS would be on you pretty fast.

So, with this being asked of a group of daddy blogger I started thinking about how the Man with the Yellow Hat would be the worst dad blogger ever. And just like that Dad with the Yellow Hat was born.

At first my idea was to see if Dad with the Yellow Hat could stand on its own. Basically, I figured that fans of the books would recognize what books each post was playing on. But I do worry that some of the references may be too obscure.

So below I am including links to as many of the Curious George books as I can find. The blog goes in the same order as the books' publication dates. I did not make any of these videos, but since I don't own all the books I did use many of them for reference material. So if you need to follow along, or just refresh your memory take a look a the links below.

Hopefully this new twist on an old tale will amuse parents and grown up fans of the books.

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