Friday, March 27, 2015

At Least it's Not Just Me

In a way this next thing that happened is a bit of a relief because it helps me realize that I'm not the only one who has a hard time with Geo. Still, this most recent incident was a bit harrowing.

As you may remember at the time of the fireman dungeon escapade I was looking into finding some kind of care situation for Geo. Well, I ended up sending him to a boarding facility where he could be with others more like himself, and could become more socialized. Honestly I also needed some time to catch my breath and figure out how I was going to juggle being a dad along with whatever else it is that I do. So Geo went off to this boarding facility and things were going well. At first.

So a few days ago I find out that Geo left the care facility on his own. (You will NOT believe how I had to find out either.) One night they went to do lights out and he wasn't there. They searched for the next couple days and found evidence that he was likely hiding out in a friend's room. But they didn't know that until later. What I don't understand is why they didn't lock the place down as soon as he was missing for a couple hours. I mean seriously, how hard could it have been to find him if he was just penned up with a buddy? What's their active shooter contingency, flooding the hallways and figuring "he can't get us all?"

Anyway, Geo somehow got off the grounds and tried to make his way back to my place. I figure he got hungry because the next thing we know for sure is he was found literally inside a giant pot of spaghetti. He had snuck in the back door of some Italian place and just gone to town on like eight pounds of pasta. The guy who found him (I'll call him "The Cook"), didn't call the cops or anything (of course), he just made Geo wash all the dishes in the place. This guy, The Cook, was so impressed with Geo's dish washing he did what anyone else would have in that situation, he sold Geo in to bondage.

Seriously. He takes Geo over to this apartment building and asks his buddy who's like a doorman or something if the guy needs any work done. Where's the Center for Missing and Exploited Children when you need them? Because I'm pretty sure this counts as both. (Understand that at this point no one has seen fit to inform me of any of this). So The Doorman is like, "Hell yeah! Let's have him wash windows." WINDOWS! They have little Geo like 75 stories up hanging off the side of a building with no safety equipment like he's King Kong or something. It's nuts!

So here's where it all come to a head. Geo decides "Forget this, I'm going inside." So he goes through the window of a room that's being painted. At this point, bless his little artistic heart, he decides to paint the whole room in some kind of funky jungle scene, including the ladders and the chairs and stuff. Sounds pretty wild right? Well the painters and the woman who owns the condo weren't too keen on it so they start chasing Geo. Then the Doorman/slaver starts chasing Geo. Next thing you know Geo is scampering down the fire escape. But of course it's one of those ones where there's like a 20 foot drop at the bottom and he's too little to work the ladder. So the kid jumps. So would you right? If you were trying to escape a mob and a life in chains? So he jumps and Theismanns his leg.

So how did I hear about all this? Did I get a call from the boarding place? Did I get a cal from the hospital? Did the police send someone to tell me they found Geo working for a slave ring? Nope. No. And uh-uh. I went down to the news stand to grab a paper and this ridiculous shit was on the front page. That's right, I found out that my little one was off campus and in the hospital from the fucking newspaper. Total fucking #SystemFail. Believe me, there will be a lot of legal shit coming out of this event. I am going scorched earth on everyone involved. Someone get me Odenkirk on the line! Geo can't be out of action, I've got a big thing lined up for him and he's gotta be mobile for it to work.

Always scanning the headlines, T, AKA: The Dad with the Yellow Hat

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